Messages,Picture Message, SMS and lots more........

1. Trust is the Base of Every Relation..
A Small Mistake Can Change its Entire Meaning..
Missing Letter 'T' in Trust..
Can 'Rust' the Relation...!

2.Saari dunia ki muskaan tere paas hai ,
zamin aur aasman tere pas hai.
Gum na karna ki tujhe yaad nahi karte.
E dost meri to jaan tere pas hai

'In life there is no need to have much relations bt the relations we have should have life and emotions in it.' :-}

4. Always try 2 represent yourself happy,b'coz, initially it becomes ur look,gradually it becomes ur habit,finally it becomes ur personality...

5. A Single lovable smile is a proper key 4 many solutions & many confusions!

So express ur cute smile evry momnt on ur face whether d momnt is worst or best..

 6.WORRY & FAITH can't exist together.

WORRY ends where the FAITH begins.

Never say

'Don't WORRY'.

Always say

''Have FAITH''!

7."Your Respect is not in the words spoken to u in ur Presence,
But some words spoken for u in ur Absence.." 

8. There is only very simple rule for success that we need to learn
just try one more time in different way before you quit....:-)

9. Learn 2 Live In The Present..!
Bcoz No Amount Of GUILT Can Change d Past..
No Amount Of WORRY Can Change The Future..

10. Dosti ka matlab  ek pyara sa dil jo kabhi nafrat nahi karta,
  ek smile jo fiki nahi padti,
 ek Ehsas jo kabhi dukh nahi deta,
 aur  ek Rishta jo kabhi khtam nhi hota.

11.''If u don't fight for what u want,
Don't cry for what u lost''..

12. A caring person doesn't call & speak;
He makes it with a simple sms!
Becoz, sms is not what the mouth speaks;
Its what the heart really feels!

13.Its so sweet
When someone with a
Good voice Sings for You...!
It's more sweet
Someone sings,out of tune'
just to make u smile...:-)

14. "You can b happy in your life at all times..
If you simply avoid two things: "Comparing"
then Life will be more "BEAUTIFUL"..

15. ek muslim girl xam me ldke se boli-xcuse me BHAI_JAAN paper me help kar do
Ladka-waise hi kuch ni a raha or confuse mat kar
ya to BHAI bol ya phir JAAN bol.

16.What is SMS?
S -Saala
M-Muft Ka
S -Sirdard
Na Karo To Log Sochte Hai Bhul
Gaye hai
Karo To Log
Sochte Hai Isko
Or Kuchh Kaam
Nhi Hai Kya:-):-)

17.THE art of PATIENCE-
its not much about how long one can wait ,but its about HOW ONE BEHAVES
while waiting....

18. Kid:can i go to toilet?
Teacher: (correcting) may i go to the toilet?
Kid: chup chap baithi reh... jyada chalak mat ban
       pehley main jaunga..;-)

19. Har spna khushi pane se pura nai hota,
Koi kisi k bina adhura nai hota...
Jo chand roshn krta hai raat bhr sbko,
Har raat wo bhi to pura nai hota..

20. I'm enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
 Imagination is more important than knowledge.
 Knowledge is limited.
 Imagination encircles the world.

21. 100 metre ki race ho rahi thi
Referee said '1,2,3 GO'
Everybody started running except Pappu.Referee : Why are u not running...?

Pappu : My number is 4!

22. Why do we say SORRY even when we are not wrong?
Why do we BEND ourselves in front of the person we care?
Why do we FEEL pleasure in hurting the one we love. ?
Why do we get CONSOLED only when we cry on their shoulders who made us to cry. ? ?
Some PAINS r more enjoyed than HAPPINESS. !
Some RELATIONS are more important than our EGO. .
Some DEFEATS are more triumphant than victory. .
Some MOMENTS are more precious than breathe....

23. Life is pretty much unpredictable...
we can't have all that v desire but we surely can have all that we deserve..

24. Zindagi kabhi Aap ko hasati hogi,
kabhi Aap ko rulati hogi,
 Yaad karta h koi Aap ko har pal is raftar bhari zindagi me,
 Ek hichki to Aap ko roj Aati hogi..

25. 'Life is d most committed teacher ever!! It keeps teaching U a new lesson one by one until U learn everything that U ignored..'