Monday, 16 April 2018

Wait for a boy next year

I wish in womb I could change my gender,
My mother will be tensed from the day I am born,
Even for a few months old girl in lust few people adorn,           
To take my care with job my parents would stress,
Because of my concern their health they would mess,
In church, temple or mosque I have to cling to mom or dad,
Otherwise to kidnap me in crowd there will be some mad,
Later to keep me safe my parents will cut my time to play,
They would comfort me with indoor games so that in house I stay,
Even if few minutes late I come from school,
My parents would lose their cool,
As I grow my dress would never be of my choice,
Because dresses are the cause of rapes says many voice,
I love my parents so I will do whatever they say,
Even if I lose my friends because of it at the end of the day,
Still no one can guarantee I would be safe from those evil men,
Society will still blame me even if I am butchered like a hen,
Then why to be born in fear,
My mother it would good if you wait for a boy next year.
Because if born, in fear I have to live each day of the calendar.