Sunday, 26 February 2017

I LoVe my Lil' Sis

I LoVe my Lil' Sis

For you little Sister,
Sometimes I call you Blister,
Never from heart forget the Past,
Today is the day to have happiness Blast,
A day to Celebrate,
My words may Illustrate,
For others, it may be a usual Sunday,
But for me, it's Special as it's your Birthday,
Time has Changed,
Everything is differently Arranged,
Today we meant to celebrate Together,
However somethings cannot be Tether,
For little things we used to Fight,
Now we are far from each other's Sight,
Together we have many happy Memories,
I only know your reasons of Vagaries,
How far we may be but I Pray,
In your life, Happiness Stay,
Don't think I am not Beside,
Make a call and then Decide,
Years you live like the Nile,
And never forget to Smile.

From – Merlin Thomas

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Truecaller Valentine's Day Special

Truecaller Special

A poem for irritating Spammer,

You are like a mistake in Grammer,

In life you are Unwanted,

Don't take our time for Granted,

In busy schedule you Call,

What do you think world as your Doll?

But now we have solution for you All,

In our mobile Application so Small,

Truecaller is its Name,

Winner of your Game,

Now we have no Tension,

In every call name is Mention,

Now you can be Blocked,

Our phones for you are Locked,

Thank you Truecaller all I Say,

You are guard in each call Way,

Today Spammer your heart may Break,

Truecaller will remain always for my Sake.