Tuesday, 18 October 2016



A new place in a new Cot,

Here 7 new friends I Got,

All travelling in the same Lane,

Adapting the change without Complain,

No doubt life is difficult for All,

But in our choice we are not afraid to Fall,

Like a solider who march towards his Goal,

New journey started for the daddy's little Doll,

We are different in all Aspect,

But each others difference we Respect,

Together we create happy Moments,

In our busy life it appears like Diamonds,

We are away from our princess Life,

Yet together we fill happiness in this Strife,

Once for each of us we were Stranger,

Now we are FRIENDS than an unknown Danger,

Roomies you make dull life a Heaven,

Thank you God in my Life for these Seven.


~ By :- Merlin Thomas