Friday, 29 July 2016

A Prayer – Inspired by Bible

I look upon you my heavenly father,
To thank for blessings for me you gather,
My Lord you gave the Adam breath of life,
For this life I praise you with harps and fife,
Like Samuel was reason of Hannah’s prayers,
You gifted me with many souls who cares,
You are the one who gave courage to Esther,
Like her give me the courage in my life’s fester,
I know you made Samson strong for his enemies,
It’s the reason we trust in you from centuries,
As Daniel I am away from my home,
But guide my path in every place I roam,
Like angel Gabriel was sent by you in vision,
Help me to take in my life right decision,
Lord you kept Noah safe in ark while disaster,
Protect me from evil things as my master,
As Abraham’s faith was his strongest pillar,
My Lord and My God you are my hope filler,
David knew you are there to help in adversity,
I ask you God to help me out in my stupidity,
God you send your beloved son Jesus for our sin,
Father never let me lose my humanity within,
Job never left you in his riches nor in trials,
My Father never let problems lose my smiles,
I know you never let Moses prayers go in vain,
Father I believe you so never leave me in pain,
I don’t know where will my future land,
My Lord My God I leave it in your hand.

~ By :- Merlin Thomas