Sunday, 4 December 2016

For Dad

For Dad

When I look back at Time,
Many thoughts in me Sublime,
I know Dad for me you left your Job,
Only you can do this for me in this Globe,
No one can ever care for me like You,
Even sometimes we differ in our View,
When I am alone for me you get Tense,
For my future you never think of Expense,
Unintentionally sometimes I may do things Wrong,
But your values make me to admit and be Strong,
Dad you know whenever I struck in taking Decision,
Indirectly you help me to choose my Hearts Precision,
I know as a child I was a naughty Kid,
There are many mischiefs I have Did,
Dad in this world only besides you I feel Secure,
I know your love for me forever will Endure,
You get hurt even though to me, you Scold,
I know its for my better like Potter's Mould,
You get worried at things as small as I catch Cold,
Dad in my life you are worth more than any Gold,
I cannot express Dad but you are my Life's Essential,
Because more than me you trust in my Potential,
Dad I know you can never see tears in my Eyes,
You are the one who believe my dreams are Wise,
I still remember I used to hold your hand and Walk,
Dad you listened to my childish non-sense Talk,
To make me tough you let me to start my Life's  Journey,
Yet I know always you are there for me like my Attorney,
Time has made me outgrow your palms and lap,
I live far from our home in miles of distance to map,
Sometimes I may be busy and avoid your Call,
But never let this you misunderstand your little Doll,
Nothing in my life can take your Place,
Only you have the right on me in whole Space,
Dad your actions taught me the lessons of Humanity,
To believe in myself  and never doubt my own Sanity, 
I know you never want me to know your Troubles,
But trust me together we can break that Bubbles,
I know Dad I never take things too Serious,
And I am little stubborn as well as Curious,
Yet I know my Smile is the reason of your Sacrifices,
For my happiness you always paid heavy Prices,
I can never repay you Dad for this by Anything,
Yet in my eyes you will see your respect as a King,
This poem is dedicated to thank you  Dad,
For all the happy memories in my life you Add,
More than any designation I like to be your Doll,
And remain as your pride in front of All.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

#Sandesh2Soliders HappY DiWaLi

Diwali is here the Festival of Lights,
Celebrating with all is in our Rights,
Houses are lit up with Happiness,
Sign of our joy is visible in Luminous,
 To be together is our Pleasure,
Diwali create memories Treasure,
All thanks to our Soldiers in Border,
For us you spend each second Quarter,
To make our Diwali  Blissful,
You leave your family Hopeful,
In your protection is our Nation,
You are God’s special Creation,
In Diwali we play with Cracker,
You save us from unknown Attacker,
For many smiles you give Sacrifice,
Take it as your duty and never Publicize,
Protect many without thinking of Race,
People like you are difficult to Trace,
Whatever may be your Name,
You may not have received Fame,
Yet for you many hearts Prayer,
To unknown like a family you Care,
I thank you for our Liberty,
You teach us the lesson of Unitary,
A heart felt gratitude for your Deed,
For your generosity without any Greed,
I wish you enjoy this Diwali Festival,
With a Salute I sum up my Epistle. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016



A new place in a new Cot,

Here 7 new friends I Got,

All travelling in the same Lane,

Adapting the change without Complain,

No doubt life is difficult for All,

But in our choice we are not afraid to Fall,

Like a solider who march towards his Goal,

New journey started for the daddy's little Doll,

We are different in all Aspect,

But each others difference we Respect,

Together we create happy Moments,

In our busy life it appears like Diamonds,

We are away from our princess Life,

Yet together we fill happiness in this Strife,

Once for each of us we were Stranger,

Now we are FRIENDS than an unknown Danger,

Roomies you make dull life a Heaven,

Thank you God in my Life for these Seven.


~ By :- Merlin Thomas


Friday, 29 July 2016

A Prayer – Inspired by Bible

I look upon you my heavenly father,
To thank for blessings for me you gather,
My Lord you gave the Adam breath of life,
For this life I praise you with harps and fife,
Like Samuel was reason of Hannah’s prayers,
You gifted me with many souls who cares,
You are the one who gave courage to Esther,
Like her give me the courage in my life’s fester,
I know you made Samson strong for his enemies,
It’s the reason we trust in you from centuries,
As Daniel I am away from my home,
But guide my path in every place I roam,
Like angel Gabriel was sent by you in vision,
Help me to take in my life right decision,
Lord you kept Noah safe in ark while disaster,
Protect me from evil things as my master,
As Abraham’s faith was his strongest pillar,
My Lord and My God you are my hope filler,
David knew you are there to help in adversity,
I ask you God to help me out in my stupidity,
God you send your beloved son Jesus for our sin,
Father never let me lose my humanity within,
Job never left you in his riches nor in trials,
My Father never let problems lose my smiles,
I know you never let Moses prayers go in vain,
Father I believe you so never leave me in pain,
I don’t know where will my future land,
My Lord My God I leave it in your hand.

~ By :- Merlin Thomas

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Wish

My Wish

All I have is an inexpressive Heart,
Even it bleeds you can’t see that Part,
All my happiness and smiles become Fake,
When I lost the things in my Awake,
From my home few miles Apart,
Its difference is in my routine Chart,
My mom told me think it as a new Start,
Wish I could tell u I didn’t learn that Art,
Dad told I know my daughter is Smart,
Wish I could tell I am weak to carry that Cart,
My dreams stopped me to utter a Word,
I love to be a daughter than a corporate Bird,
I don’t know why I follow society Stairs,
Wish I could tell them I need only Cares,
Don’t count my silence as my Arrogance,
I am sorry for my mistakes and Negligence,
To hurt anyone is never my Intention,
To give up in problems is never my Decision,
Thank you God for many happy Memories,
You gave me strength to be strong in Injuries,
There were nights when a lonely heart shed Tears,
I wish God you understood my silent Prayers,
People say life is all about an Adjustment,
Money is brightening futures Investment,
But I wish you could understand I am Innocent,
I can never think world as my Opponent,
To fight for my career is in my Fate,
It was my choice in life so Great,
I wish God you help me to pass this Hour,
So that I never lose faith in your Power,
Wish my tears disappear in my dreams Fire,
To get my usual always smiling Attire,
God now I sum up all my Wishes,
Sorry to disturb you in Emotional Clashes,
My wish is that everyone stays in Peace,
And God never let this wish to Cease.

-Merlin Thomas