Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Finish Line

The Finish Line 

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We all agree that we are running a race with different pace and we all are having different finish line. The finish line may depend on us, in our ambition and our desires. For a athlete finish line may be to break earlier record whereas for a student the finish line may be to score more than 80% this means finish line vary person to person and the finish line is decided by a person. To succeed one need to run a race but to run a race you need a finish line, it is a desire or a ambition of a person.

To reach finish line does not mean you are the winner, for instance in a racing competition there be hundreds of participants out of which one may be the winner. It does not mean other are looser or they have not touched the finish line. Looser are one who does not trust in himself and run a race  halfheartedly due to family, friends or for living but his heart always knows he will not win. In a race there are many looser but one winner apart from this there are one more category that is not a winner but nor a looser too. These people have talent, passion and determination they also reach the finish line like winner but as said by a wise man " In a race there is only one winner". These people never give up they try harder and harder till they add "umph" to their "try" to make it "triumph".

The first desire for a race is always to reach the finish line that is the determination of finish line is the first step of your thousand miles journey to success. You may find it strange but it is true finish line is the first step for some and the last step for many because some has the desire to achieve more so they think as the first step and some it may be last step because they think that their only desire was to win this race in which they succeed so they end that race. If you succeed to reach the finish line even though you are not the winner of that race you should be happy because they are many who give up the mid-way, compared to them you are far better than them.

Always remember there are many who criticize if you are not a winner but never let your heart to fail because the world stands with the winner but the winner rises from a looser who tried hard to reach his finish line before anyone. There are many by luck reach the finish line before anyone whom the world praises but the looser who tried hard and win the race before anyone the world respects along with praises. You may not have succeed to reach the finish line first to be the winner but your Never Give Up attitude never let you to fail to touch the finish line. Everything starts with a belief  because if you trust in yourself  with an untiring heart to do hard-work then someday even your bad luck would turn to your good-luck and no one can stop you from reaching your finish before anyone else. As someone said "It will take time, effort, will power, sacrifice and dedication but you have to promise yourself to reach the finish line."