Thursday, 11 June 2015

Best from Reward me

Best from Reward me

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

=> Beauty
If you've got cool nails, you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, I'm happy now.' Beauty article "At Your Finger Tips With DIY Nail Art" help you by simple nail art steps  to recreate the same salon magic right at home such as French Manicure Twist, Colour Code, For Effect, Dots & Stripes, Bling It On, Braids, Glitter Gradients, and Go Digital. The easiest one is Dots and stripes as they are simple yet elegant. Mix and match colours and create stripes and dots using a thin brush. You can even connect the dots to create flowers or join the stripes to make patterns of your own.

=> Skin Care
Skin problems are common to everyone especially "Blackheads". We ruin most of our money for solutions related to skin problem whether in the form of skin cream or visiting skin specialist. I find a homely solution for Blackheads in a article of Rewardme site that is "Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Of Blackheads at Home" from the section Skin Care which I found to be very useful as it is cost-efficient as well as home remedy so no side-effects. 

=> Hair Care
Damage hair would make you lose your confidence. Rescuing the damaged hair is a major concern of most of the people. In Rewardme site I find a quick solution to this problem by a article"Quick Tips to Fix Damaged Hair" from the section Hair Care. Using heat tools such as curling irons and blow dryers can zap the moisture right out of your hair. A deep conditioning treatment revitalizes hair and does more than simply clean your locks. Minimize Hair Washing. Too-frequent washing can actually strip the hair of essential oils and lead to chronic dryness.

=> Fashion Tips
The most common trend in outfits is to mix up your fashion, this not only looks cool but also helps in making your own style statement. In Rewardme site from the section Fashion I find an article which consists of different ways to master the stole whether it is a  basic wrap or arranged wrap. It is strange but true that with a stole, you can turn a simple T-shirt into a fashion statement! Stoles allow you to have fun creating new looks without having to buy new clothes, making them a must-have accessory.

=> Home Décor
We all know it is difficult to keep the House Look Clean because as many number of people are in house that many number of disaster they make in house depending on their nature. Home Décor is one of the most time consuming because it reflects your creativity. I find two articles that is "10 Bright Ideas For Brighter Walls" and "10 Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Cleaner Every Day" in Rewardme site from the section Home which I found to be very useful and worth trying. These articles I found to be helpful as I am also a big disaster to my Mom in keeping my house clean. In this article simple ways are given to keep the house clean as well as ideas for brighter walls which helps me in making a good impression in front of Mom as well as cool her anger when I make mistakes sometimes.

=> Family
In our daily life we became so busy in making money that for work we give the maximum priority than family. This imbalance not only hinder our relationships but also lead us to became a irritated and depressed person.Learning to manage time effectively is essential for all of us. Each of us has the same number of hours to work with but some people know how to manage it better. Yes, work is important and working hard will probably get you closer to your professional goals faster, but at what cost? Does we would be happy if our dreams cost us to lose a happy family. Through Reward Me article "8 Ways To A Work-Life Balance" help me to manage my time between family and work.

It is a truth that RewardMe serves as my best ally as it helped me to help my Mom and to have a strong influence on people who visit my home whether it is my relative, my neighbor or my friend as well as to balance my Life.

- Merlin Thomas