Friday, 21 March 2014

Get the Best Picture Messages , SMS for Friends , Jokes n Lots more here..

Get the Best Picture Messages ,  SMS for Friends , Jokes  n  Lots more here....

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Messages :

    The sky without stars is,
     like sleep without dreams,
     like song without music,
     like rose without smell,
     like face without smile,
     like me without u !

   Troubles are like Washing Machine. 
   They twist, turn n knock around.
   But at the end we come out brighter than before. 

3- Motivation gets us started,
Habit keeps us running,
Attitude decides our pace
& Values decide our Destination.

4-Life is so confusing & its true-
 what we want we don't get,
what we get we r nt satisfied,
what we expect never happens,
But what we hate generally repeats.

5-WORRY & FAITH can't exist together.
WORRY ends where the FAITH begins.
Never say
'Don't WORRY'.
Always say
''Have FAITH''!

6-Trust is the Base of Every Relation..
A Small Mistake Can Change its Entire Meaning..
Missing Letter 'T' in Trust..
Can 'Rust' the Relation...!

7-Smundr Me Ghar Huaa
Nhi Krte,
Apno Ko Khafa Kar Ke
Hum Khush Huaa Nahi
Nibha Lijiye Dosti Hmse
Qki Hum Jaise Log
Zyada Jiya Nahi Krte.

8-Always have the determination of a mirror,
Which never loses its ability to shine,
In spite of it being broken into pieces.
Keep shining...

9-Saari dunia ki muskaan tere paas hai ,
zamin aur aasman tere pas hai.
Gum na karna ki tujhe yaad nahi karte.
E dost meri to jaan tere pas hai.

10-  "Life has so many great options,
 but U don't have to pick what seems to be the best !
Just pick what makes you happy...
 it will be the best for you ! "

11-Trust d person who can sense Ur sadness in Ur smile,
Hear Ur words in Ur silence &
Feel Ur luv in Ur anger..
Coz they r indeed true to U..!!

12-"Your Respect is not in the words spoken to u in ur Presence,
But some words spoken for u in ur Absence.."

13-Always try 2 represent urslf happy,
b'coz initially it becomes ur look,
gradually it becomes ur habit
finally it becomes ur Personality...

14-'In life there is no need to have much relations
 the relations we have should have life and emotions in it.' :-}

15-A Single lovable smile is a proper key 4 many solutions & many confusions,
So express ur cute smile every moment on ur face whether d moment is worst or best..

16-Great lines with secret meaning....
''the time u don't find any more ways
just talk to yourself'
u will get the answer of all the queries..! "

17-TruE onE.. : -
A True Friend Is The Only Person Who Never Gets Tired Of Listening To Your Own Pointless Dramas Over And Over Again.....

18-"Kisi Se umid kiye bina uska achha karo.
       Qki  Kisine kaha hai ki
      "jo log phool bechte hai unke hath m khushbu aksar reh jati hai".

19-Sometimes being understanding is more important than being right..
Sometimes we need not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens..
Not keen eyes that always see faults but open arms that accept..
Not a finger that points out mistakes but gentle hands that lead....(^_^)

20-Two things decide the success in our life:
The way u MANAGE wen U have nothing in hand
The way we BEHAVE wen we have everything in hand..

21-Life is so stupid..
 An ordinary person makes u smile
 a very special person makes always makes us cry.
Still we care for the special one...!!!

22-   Dosti ho ya mohobbat, Surat se nhi dil se ki jati hai..
        Surat to unki khud achhi lgne lgti hai,
        jinki kadar dil se ki jati hai..

23-Jindgi ka fanda :
Kitna B Achha Ho,
Duniya Presentation
Dekhti Hai.
Kitna Bhi Achchha Ho,
Uparwala Intention dekhta hai.

24-Life is a magic...
The beauty of life is in the next second,
which hides thousands of secrets...
I Wish Every Next Second will be Wonderful in ur life.

25-My Honest Attitude-
"I May Not Have Sense How To Make People Happy.
But I'm Clear In My Mind That There Is No Intension To Hurt Someone Ever..."

26-When I was small I laughed less but there was infinite hidden joy
As I grew up, I learn to laugh a lot to hide the unspoken SADNESS.

27-May your happiness increase like petrol price..
Your sorrow fall like Indian rupee,
and joy fill your heart like corruption in India..!!!

28-' I may never b good enough 4 someone'
 'But I'll b the best 4 those who deserve me'.

29-"Iron is very hard metal but it also becomes Weak when it is Hot.
So always stay cool and Happy in any situation."

Beti bankar aayi hu ma-baap ke jivan me,
basera hoga kal mera kisi aur ke angan me.
Q ye reet bhagwan ne banayi hogi,kehte hai aaj nahi to kal tu parayi hogi.
deke janam paal-poskar jisne hume bada kiya,
aur waqt aya to unhi hatho ne hume vida kiya.
tut ke bikhar jati hai humari zindgi wahi,
per phir bhi us bandhan me pyar mile zaruri to nahi.
Q rishta humara itna ajib hota hai,
kya bas yahi hum betiyo ka naseeb hota hai.