Monday, 16 April 2018

Wait for a boy next year

I wish in womb I could change my gender,
My mother will be tensed from the day I am born,
Even for a few months old girl in lust few people adorn,           
To take my care with job my parents would stress,
Because of my concern their health they would mess,
In church, temple or mosque I have to cling to mom or dad,
Otherwise to kidnap me in crowd there will be some mad,
Later to keep me safe my parents will cut my time to play,
They would comfort me with indoor games so that in house I stay,
Even if few minutes late I come from school,
My parents would lose their cool,
As I grow my dress would never be of my choice,
Because dresses are the cause of rapes says many voice,
I love my parents so I will do whatever they say,
Even if I lose my friends because of it at the end of the day,
Still no one can guarantee I would be safe from those evil men,
Society will still blame me even if I am butchered like a hen,
Then why to be born in fear,
My mother it would good if you wait for a boy next year.
Because if born, in fear I have to live each day of the calendar.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Book Review : The Inheritors: Stories of Enduring Success and Innovation

The Inheritors: Stories of Enduring Success and Innovation - by Sonu Bhasin

This book is an inspirational story collection of many business tycoon who inherited their family business and later started their own venture. It contains a collection of many instances of their life, such as their education, how they get started, the advantages and disadvantages they faced of owing family business. The challenges of running already flourished business and how they overcome their challenges. This book answers many why's which arise in our mind for example why the name of Dabur Company name is Dabur? How Real fruit juice started? The history of  Mariwala ? Why square plastic bottles of Parachute changed into Square bottles? Similarlly many questions answer was their in this book.

Goodreads Rating -   3.67

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Happy Engineer's Day

Do you know each Engineer has a story?
Some talents are finding their way and some already attained glory,
Ferris Wheel invented by George W. Ferris made the world to wonder,
Ada Lovelace prediction in Computer Program created thunder,
Thomas Edison has 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions,
Charles Stark Draper Prize gave engineers new dimensions,
Because of Wright Brothers innovation, today we can fly,
Archimedes shouted “Eureka” and find out the answer to many why?
John Logie Baird innovated Television became necessity in each home,
And Amazon by Jeff Bezos saved your time so that more you can roam,
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook made the whole world connected,
Elon Musk, SpaceX achievements can never be neglected,
Fazlur Rahman Khan, father of the modern skyscraper created history,
Nikola Tesla invention solved modern AC electricity supply mystery,
Nikolaus Otto created internal combustion engine got praised,
Whereas Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel got everyone amazed,
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone for communications,
James Watt, Steam Engine brought Industrial Revolution in nations,
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Larry Ellison is familiar to all,
When their dreams they made true then success in their feet fall,
There are many inventions of Engineers that made world marveled,
That’s why Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya birthday Engineer’s Day is held,
If you are an Engineer today you can be Proud because of these inventors,
Who knows might tomorrow in this list your name enters.
Written By – Merlin Thomas

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special

I don't remember much of my childhood,
But I know for me you always stood,
My friends told me their day care time,
You never send me as for you I was prime,
When I used to be sick it was your off day,
To look after me the whole day you stay,
When I started going to school,
For you, it changed your routine rule,
You arranged according to my timetable book,
School lunch delicious food you cook,
After work, you spend with me time,
Never get annoyed on my little crime,
Many household things by mistake I break,
But for everything responsibility you take,
For me, you are always a magician,
And you are God's limited edition,
Each day you do multiple tasks,
Sorry for not helping before you ask,
Always you played multiple roles,
From the day I started to crawl,
Thank you for marks, not being strict,
Seeing my eyes my day you predict,
The love in each little things you show,
Others laugh at your worries I know,
Don't worry I do understand your concern,
Its from the experiences in life you learn,
I know for me you left your desire,
As for you always family is prior,
Everyone is in life's race,
For their own happiness, they chase,
Only mother live for their child,
Everyone else follows law of wild,
During my exams, you wake up all night,
Thinking, coffee I would need might,
You never forget to give almonds and cashew,
My coaching time more than me you knew,
You even remember my roll number,
These are the things you make me wonder,
You taught me the importance of prayer,
To be good no matter where,
In my life wherever I may go,
Your values I will never throw,
Mom may long you live in cheers,
With you, I want to spend many years,
Happy Birthday to you Mother,
Much more happiness in life you gather.

Written By :-
Merlin Thomas


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I Go, I Conquer

I Go, I Conquer

Like a Panda, I may be fat,
Yet no one can conquer me in a chat,
Like a Pencil, I may be thin,
Yet all my hurdles I win,
Like a short story, I may be short,
But I know messy things to sort,
Like a giraffe, I may be tall,
But I take the responsibility of all,
I may be bit emotional and cry,
But I have the courage to fly,
I have many problems,
Yet I am a Woman Awesome,
I GO, I Conquer my Ways,
Like a Sun I shine and Blaze.

Written by – Merlin Thomas

Sunday, 26 February 2017

I LoVe my Lil' Sis

I LoVe my Lil' Sis

For you little Sister,
Sometimes I call you Blister,
Never from heart forget the Past,
Today is the day to have happiness Blast,
A day to Celebrate,
My words may Illustrate,
For others, it may be a usual Sunday,
But for me, it's Special as it's your Birthday,
Time has Changed,
Everything is differently Arranged,
Today we meant to celebrate Together,
However somethings cannot be Tether,
For little things we used to Fight,
Now we are far from each other's Sight,
Together we have many happy Memories,
I only know your reasons of Vagaries,
How far we may be but I Pray,
In your life, Happiness Stay,
Don't think I am not Beside,
Make a call and then Decide,
Years you live like the Nile,
And never forget to Smile.

From – Merlin Thomas

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Truecaller Valentine's Day Special

Truecaller Special

A poem for irritating Spammer,

You are like a mistake in Grammer,

In life you are Unwanted,

Don't take our time for Granted,

In busy schedule you Call,

What do you think world as your Doll?

But now we have solution for you All,

In our mobile Application so Small,

Truecaller is its Name,

Winner of your Game,

Now we have no Tension,

In every call name is Mention,

Now you can be Blocked,

Our phones for you are Locked,

Thank you Truecaller all I Say,

You are guard in each call Way,

Today Spammer your heart may Break,

Truecaller will remain always for my Sake.